Spiritual Healing Sessions


​​​”Significantly change the trajectory of your life”

“Get aligned with your highest path”

“Make your dreams come true.”

Incredible changes in just 1 session!

I scheduled a session with Blaire because I wanted to find out what was blocking me from creating the balanced life I so badly wanted. Being able to balance work/life and riding my horse will allow me to have better relationships with both people and my animals, as well as help me prioritize myself in the process. I also wanted to learn how to deal with silence and let my brain stop so I can rest and recharge without having to drown out with more noise (my current mechanism). I want to give back to society more, but I realize I can’t do that if I don’t take care of myself.

It’s not yet been 1 week after my session and I’m still processing and unpacking all that Blaire shared! So many things have already shifted. First off, Blaire shared with me how I have throat issues, which makes sense because I’ve been dealing with sinus problems for awhile now and the doctor wants to operate. What Blaire said about my throat chakra imbalance makes so much sense with me not being able to fully express myself and what I want in life. Now, what I’ve been going through makes so much sense!

Also after the session ended,  I started having so many crazy revelations and how she said I’m an intuitive/psychic! I love this! Contrast this to me before the session, where I was interested in this stuff but was having weird feelings about the whole “psychic” thing because of my Christian upbringing. Blaire helped me clear my fears and now I am so excited and embracing this part of myself!

Another major shift happened around me having balance in my life. Now I’m able to sit in silence! My mind is normally so busy that I have a hard time sitting in silence, as well as getting a good night’s sleep because I’m always thinking of new ideas and businesses. But after the session, I realized that I do this to keep myself occupied so I don’t have to deal with all these feelings I feel around me… since I’m an empath! I used to dread walking into my barn because I felt terrible about my old horse and how I used to feel his pain and old rickety bones. 

I have also already made changes to my life! I’ve been spending more time in quiet, like when I work or shower without background noise…. which is big for me as I used to keep the TV on all the time! I’ve been journaling every day longer than usual and Blaire gave me my life back. I see how I was going down the wrong path with my constant busyness and imbalanced life. Now I am now more motivated than ever to make the changes I need to so I can live my dream life.

Listen. We’ve all had “negative things” or “bad things” happen in our lives.

As you get older, you start carrying more and more emotional baggage and pain from your childhood and your past.

This heavy emotional baggage keeps piling up and weighing you down.

That emotional baggage comes from a slew of different things.

It could be from a traumatic relationship. It could be from an upsetting childhood or past.

It could be from things not going your way in your love life, career or health.

It could be from constantly being disappointed or upset by life…. sometimes over and over again.

You try to put on a happy face.

You try to push that sadness, unhappiness, frustration, loneliness, anxiety, anger out of your mind.

You pretend that you’re fine.

But it just keeps creeping up.

Maybe you’re tired of working soo hard…

Maybe you’re tired of being blocked in your love life, career, or health…

Maybe you’re tired of being disappointed by life…

Maybe you’re tired of being disappointed by people…

Maybe you’re tired of being rejected, abandoned, not treated right, taken advantage of, hurt…

Emotional baggage shows up in each one of our lives in different ways.

You want to be happier.

You want to absolutely love your life.

You want to clear out anything that is blocking you from living your dream life.

Things that were blocked for ages are now unblocked.

I was very skeptical about a psychic and energy healing, especially made remotely. I purchased Blaire’s Spiritual Healing Session and thought I’d give it a try but during the healing, I didn’t feel anything (which I later found out is normal for many), so I had the bad feeling that I spent my precious money for nothing.

But after two days, I started to feel really deep changes in my mood and behavior. First I started to feel very tired and in a lack of energy, but soon I could unblock things that were blocked for ages. Before the session, I tended to control myself too much and was caring too much of people’s opinion of me. I was in reaction to my environment.

This past week, I slowly feel a big change. I feel more confident, I control myself less, and the best of all – I almost don’t care of others people opinion anymore. I’m ME, I accept myself, and I don’t care of what people think of me. 

– Alexis, Paris

“Spiritual Healing Sessions clear out stuck emotions,

such as anger, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, resentment, frustration, fear,

past pain, trauma, childhood wounds and other “gunk” from your energy field

that is preventing you from making your dreams come true.”

Spiritual Healing Sessions clear experiences that bother you.

They clear issues you’ve had trouble releasing.

Spiritual Healing Sessions clear out negative energy, emotions and experiences that have caused blocks in your life.

Emotions, such as anger, anxiety, frustration, resentment or fear don’t go away on their own.

Instead, these negative emotions and bad experiences stay stuck in your energy field.

And then these stuck emotions and negative experiences turn into blocks in your life!

Spiritual Healing Sessions clear thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you.

You’ll get unblocked.

Develop a deeper relationship to yourself.

You’ll be aligned with your highest path.

Uncover your True Self.

And do what you came here to do.

What happens during a Spiritual Healing Session?

Step 1:

The session starts with me doing some work on your energy field. All you need to do is sit down on your couch or lay down on your bed and relax.

I will go through each of your chakras and read what energy is stuck in there, along with what messages comes through and I’ll do some energy work on you there. Depending on how open and receptive you are (I’ll know by your energy) that can last anywhere from 5-20 minutes.

Usually on people’s first sessions, and because this is all new and their excited to see how it works, I spend a shorter time doing the remote healing and call you on the phone and do healing work by speaking with you.


Step 2:

I will clear, cleanse and charge your chakras, as guided by Spirit. I’ll also do healing work to help you release lower emotions that are stuck (anxiety, anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration, resentment and fear) so you feel brand new. Sometimes I’m guided to do sound healing, affirmations and prayers over your body to help you be at your best and ground in your new intentions. My focus in on helping you heal and manifest.

I will share with you what energy, emotions and experiences you’re storing in your energy field (aura) and chakras.

Have pen and paper ready, as notes come fast and furious. You’ll want to review these notes over the next few days and weeks to take the healing further. My sessions unpack in layers over the next few days and weeks. There is a lot you will be processing through, so make sure you journal about your emotions, thoughts and experiences – all that is shifting and changing – as the days go on.  


Step 3:

During your session, I’ll also share channeled messages and guidance from Spirit related to where you are blocked and what needs to shift and change in order for you to re-align with your highest path or get to higher levels of health and happiness in your life.

You’ll leave the session with tons of notes, tons of energy that was shifted, a new outlook on life, new awarenesses, shifts and changes, and exercises on how to move forward.

Session Length:

Session is 50 minutes.


Purchase Your Session:


Please Note: If you partake in smoking, drinking, or the use of illegal drugs (including marijuana) on a regular basis, I can not accept you as a client at this time. Please get sober first, and then feel free to schedule a session. The same thing goes for if you are dealing with intense/extreme/persistent psychological issues. This is not a substitution for therapy. If I have to stop a session due to your noncompliance with the foregoing, you will not be refunded. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone if in my opinion they would not benefit from my services.

Once You’ve Signed Up:

You’ll be brought to a page to download an Intake Form. Fill out the form and email it back to me, along with 3 days and times you are available to have your session.


Cancellation Policy:

All sessions are non-refundable, and your session must take place within 30 days of purchase date, otherwise you forfeit your purchase and no refunds will be given. Please note: this is 30 regular days, not business days. For example, if you purchase your session on June 1, your session must take place by July 1st. You are allowed 1 reschedule of your session date, otherwise your session will be forfeited and no refunds will be given.


Preparing For Your Session:

To get yourself ready for your session, it is suggested that you spend some time by yourself, outside and in silence to help settle your energy, clear your worries from the day and get you clear and ready for our time together. The more open and receptive you are, the clearer the messages will come through. Spirit/the messages and guidance that comes through works off of what you are open and receptive to hearing, so the more ready for the session you are, rather than scattered or in a rush with your mind on a million things from work/home, this will be better for you.

Because sessions are healing, make sure you drink a lot of water during the session as well as afterwards. This will help you clear blocks and process emotions. During your session, take notes. Spirit wants you to be pro-active and learn how to be empowered in your love life. (No recordings of the sessions allowed – Spirit’s orders. Feel free to ask Blaire why). After your session, and over the next few days, read over your notes several times. Each time you do, you’ll notice new information and it’ll help you go deeper. In between sessions, journal about the information that was shared.

If you are having an in person session, please do NOT wear any cologne/perfume or scented moisturizer, body wash, hairspray, etc. I am very sensitive to smell (it’s a psychic thing) and I will not be able to be near you if you have any fragrance on.


After Your Session:

After your session, take it easy, and drink a lot of water to clear the toxins that were released. It’s suggested that you stay away from socializing and loud music for the rest of the day. Rest, draw, sing. Your body may need to release, so if it has to, let yourself cry. Stay away from drugs, alcohol, tobacco/marijuana or pharmaceuticals (if you can do without). It’s best that you look at the time after your session as a special time just for yourself. Bask in the energy that you just received and process all that was shared. Journal. Listen to soothing music. Sit in silence. Look at candles burning. Think. Be. Go to sleep early that night and for the next few days you may need more hours of sleep. This is all normal. Be easy on yourself for the next few days, things are shifting within you. Receiving energy is like a workout – you may be tired afterwards and should feed yourself right, hydrate, and get a good night’s sleep. Take a walk in nature. Sit by a lake. Listen to your body and follow your internal guidance. Enjoy this special time being with yourself and thinking about your life, what you are releasing, what you are stepping into and what you want to create. Know that through this process your soul is awakening.


Continued Support, Guidance and Healing:

Within a week of your session, enroll in one of the programs that was offered to you so that the healing and manifestation energy can keep growing and you can go through your own transformation. One session builds on the next, and in order for transformation to occur, you need ongoing support, healing and guidance. Otherwise you will sink back into your old patterns and your old ways of being. I am here to support you as your teacher, your healer, and your guide. I will be with you all the way through until you are living as your new self, and your upgraded life.

What People are Saying: 

I know I have said this before but thank you again

for everything you have done and continue to do for me.
Your abilities are phenomenal!

6 months later she met the man of her dreams

When I started working with Blaire I was at a bad spot in my love life. I was a few months out of a dysfunctional relationship that lasted on and off for 3 years. I had never known true love, and I was searching and searching for it constantly–in all the wrong places.

In our sessions she pointed out some key things that helped me better myself and guide me in a better direction for pursuing not only the love life I desired, but the life I desired… So I took the advice I was given, just about 6 months later I began dating the man, literally, of my dreams. We were inseparable from the very beginning… I’m finally living the life I always wanted to.
– Marissa, New Jersey

The experience was a breath of fresh air

I have been reading from a handful of sources in the past months and Blaire has been the one in my opinion to offer what I have been seeking which is the honest truth, advice that works, lessons she teaches from her own life, and her intuitiveness, all while being personable.

My experience with meeting Blaire was far from the doubts I had.  The experience was a breath of fresh air. Lessons were interactive and personalized and helped clear the fog of doubt I had.

I am looking forward to my next session, so I can start to truly heal old wounds that still affect my love life as I have already spent hours and hundred of dollars in the past to talk about my painful experiences with only a temporary fix.

Being in contact with Blaire is nothing on the surface…

It’s for those who are up for something very profound and deep. She has the ability to guide people to a fundamentally new spiritual way as she has a very powerful energy field and a tremendous impact on people…
– Janina, Austria

Men everywhere are intrigued by her… dinner, flowers, paying her car bills!

I have practiced and lived the techniques you taught… I prefer this way of living and others have commented on how happy I have been. I have generated interest from men everywhere I go. It’s nice to talk with people and see them respond to the energy you’re giving off.

But I think I did get myself in a little trouble… I’ve taken my car for service to the same dealership for years. All the of sudden a service guy, distinguished (blue eyes, blond hair, tall, slender, attractive) has taken interest in me. In the course of the last week he has asked me to dinner, sent flowers to my house, and now is offering to pay half the bill for my car repairs.
– Tanya, New Jersey

She’s no longer worried about her marriage

When I first contacted Blaire I was very worried that my relationship with husband had changed. He was always upset with me for little things. There was always something that I did wrong.

I didn’t know what to do to stop him from being angry and whatever I said to him upset him. Although I would try, I could never resolve our conflicts. I didn’t like how we were and I didn’t understand the changes in him and our relationship.

Blaire has helped me understand what was happening in my relationship and how I could alter my behaviors towards my husband to create change. I now feel calmer and more at peace. I stopped focusing so much on him and started focusing on loving myself.

Blaire’s service is very good. She gives you something specific to focus on and change within yourself. This has brought change in my marriage. I no longer feel hurt or oppressed.
– Grace, Salt Lake City

Just 1 month later, she found The One! Now she’s married!

Before joining Blaire’s program, I was very anxious about dating and finding the One. I felt very lost and unsure about what the right things to do were and what I should or shouldn’t be doing. Now I feel much more confident, calm, and at ease. I KNOW I will find the One and I don’t have to settle for less than a perfect match for me. Each week’s exercises seemed to bring out a major realization about myself that added week to week to the transformation I have made into a much more confident happy person who is prepared for that amazing relationship!


I have found The One! Now I am going out on a limb a bit to say that …but it’s just so great I can’t help it. I have never found someone I am so well matched with We have so many things in common and are so in sync on everything it’s insane. We even have the same birthday! We want the same things in life (marriage, kids) and the chemistry is unbelievable.

As I’m writing this, it occurs to me that it sounds like an ad or something! But it’s all true!! So a big thank you, thank you, thank you to you, Blaire!!! Also, I had another incredible amazing date with him last night and we have lots of fun plans this weekend. We have so much fun together and feel so good around each other. It really is like you have said – it’s easy and it just flows!
– Karen, Florida

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