Healing Session for Horse


Is your horse having an emotional, mental, behavioral, or performance issue that you’d like help, healing, and guidance with?

Have you tried everything – not sure what to do?

Healing horse issues from the root is my specialty.

Not only am I able to remove abuse, trauma, anxiety, sadness, fear, loneliness, anger, and pain from your horse’s energy field.



But I’m also able to hear your horse speak.


I then relay those messages to you, so your horse feels heard.

Horse Healing Sessions Results:

1 – Mental, emotional, behavioral, and performance issues leave.

2 – Your horse gets healed of trauma and abuse.

3 – You get guidance on how to better care for your horse.

4 – You get clarity as to what was bothering your horse.

5 – You and your horse gets peace of mind.

6 – Your horse feels happier with his or her life and you, because you got the messages he or she has been trying to share with you.

7 – You develop a deeper relationship with your horse.

Horse Healing Sessions Helps:

  • your horse relax,
  • clears stress,
  • helps with fatigue,
  • heals emotional issues,
  • boosts immune,
  • assists in cleaning up bad behavior,
  • removes trauma,
  • great for pre-show stress and anxiety,
  • helps horse restore after a show,
  • speeds recovery,
  • helps horses that are sad, skittish, anxious, aggressive, in fear,
  • great for a horse that has gone through a lot of changes,
  • for a horse that just got gelded,
  • or experienced a loss,
  • and more.

Horse Wants To Compete More.

Here I’m sharing messages from the horse with his human. He was telling me that he wants to be entered into more competitions and win more ribbons. Does your horse want to compete more?  What would make him or her happier? This horse’s demeanor changed quite dramatically during the session. He became happy (with a feisty attitude) after I was able to clear some physical abuse that he was still holding onto and suffering from. This session also went into teaching this adorable girl how to love herself more.

Horse was Moody, Slightly Aggressive. Mad at His Human. 

Horse’s Issue:  Horse was moody and acting slightly aggressive. They had gotten into a fight a few days earlier.

Human’s Concern:  My client didn’t understand why her horse was mad at her. She was afraid that maybe he didn’t want to be with her anymore and upset about possibly saying goodbye to “the love of her life.”

How I Helped:  During the session I did a mix of hands on energy work on the horse and shared messages that the horse had with his human. I also did healing work on the human (through my words) to help her gain clarity and clear the upsetting emotions going on within her.

The Result: The horse was upset about some issues that were going on in his mom’s love life and wanted her to make some adjustments. Guidance also came through on how she could love herself more. We were able to smooth the waters, clear the emotional and mental “gunk” and by the end of the session, the horse’s demeanor completely changed. He was now loving and cuddly to his human again, and kept confessing how much he loves her.

A Priceless Service: Having a session saved her from possibly saying good-bye to her beloved horse. She was starting to think he didn’t like or want to be with her anymore, which couldn’t have been further from the truth. Getting rid of her horse would have been terribly heartbreaking for her as well as her horse. I was able to save their relationship and gave her guidance and healing around romantic relationship issues that needed to be addressed, now.

Please note: this is an example of a $850 session. See note below in booking section. The reason being is the horse’s issues were related to what was going on in the human’s life, therefore half the session was focused on the horse and the other half focused on the human.

A Beautiful Gift You Give To Your Horse.

Book Your Session:

Once you’ve made payment, you’ll be brought to an Intake Form that you can download and fill out. Once you return this form back, we’ll set a date for your session.

I come to your home or stable.

Reserve a clean, grassy paddock or arena (where we won’t be disturbed) for your session.

Sessions take place at Bucks County Horse Park in Revere, PA.

I am open to traveling to you wherever you are located. Contact me for pricing. Travel and accommodations are additional.

Want a reduced rate? Gather a group of friends and get a group rate for individual sessions or schedule a workshop.


Healing Session for Your Horse

Approx. 15-20 minutes | $250

For relaxation and stress relief.

This is a hands on full body/chakra healing session, if your horse will let me touch him/her. I do not force myself onto any animal. If your horse is scared or hyperactive, I will do hands off/remote healing in the same room or through phone.

  • This is a relaxing, silent and still session.
  • A beautiful gift for your horse to help him/her relax, de-stress, feel (more) loved.
  • A great way to pamper your horse and show your love. Horses are sensitive to energy and enjoy it.
  • Just like you may have a massage every week or every month, this is the same thing for your horse.
  • Great for pre or post shows, if horse is sick or has an injury to improve immune and speed up healing. Good for horses that are near death, just experienced a loss, just got gelded, or just had an upsetting experience.
  • Also, a must when you’ve had a life change, such as moving to a new home, a change of job, gotten into a new relationship, gotten out of a relationship/divorce, or something traumatic or chaotic is going on in your life. Your horse is effected by all of these things, plus picks up on all of your emotions.

The focus of this session is on providing healing to your horse, not in sharing messages with you, although at times, your horse may share something here and there which I will pass on to you.

* If during the healing, your horse starts talking about something going on in your life, it will be an additional $600 (bring cash) or better yet, just sign up for that session from the get go if you are struggling with something and want your blocks cleared and healed. If you do not want the healing, messages, and guidance around what’s going on with you, then simply tell me when/if this comes up during your horse’s session and I will complete the healing of your horse and close up the session.

* First time I’ll be meeting your horse? Schedule this option unless you know your horse is 100% happy.


Healing & Reading for Your Horse

Approx. 20 minutes | $450

For your horse who’s having a problem or has been abused.

I will do a healing session (hands on or hands off in the same room or through phone) on your horse, as well as share messages and guidance with you as far as what’s going on with him/her and how you can help him/her moving forward.

  • Does your horse have mental, emotional, or behavioral issues?
  • Has your horse been abused or experienced some sort of trauma or negative experience and is still acting out or being affected by it? 
  • This is a faster paced session (compared to option #1) where I will talk to you during the session about what’s going on with your horse.
  • During the session, I will read your horse’s chakras and tell you what emotions and experiences are stuck in his/her energy body. Then I will clear your horse’s chakras,  negative emotions, experiences, trauma, and abuse.
  • Your horse will get healing and relief, as well as a chance to be heard, while you will get messages and clarity as to what is going on with your horse and how you can best support him/her moving forward. Bring paper and pen to take notes.

* If the issue that your horse is having is connected to something going on in your life or that you are doing, it will be an additional $400 (bring cash) or better yet, just sign up for that session from the get go if you are struggling with something and want your blocks cleared and healed. If you do not want to get the healing, messages, and guidance around the issue in your life or don’t want to pay the additional fee, simply tell me when/if this comes up during your horse’s session and I will complete the healing of your horse and close up the session, Please keep in mind that if your issue is not addressed, your horse’s issue will not clear up.

* Booking a session for a JUNIOR rider with performance issue? Session with horse or just rider discounted to $450. Book Option 2


Healing & Reading for Your Horse & You

Approx. 30 minutes | $650

With this healing session, you receive everything in Option #2, plus a reading and healing for yourself.

You would choose this option, when your horse is having a problem, but it has something to do with what is going on in your life or choose this option if you are having a problem in your life (love life, career, family, etc) and you’d like your horse to work as my co-healer to help you. (Something to experience to see how cool and effective it is)

Horses mirror what’s happening in our lives – our emotions, our upset, confusion, and frustrations.

In this session I will do healing work on your horse (just like in Option #2) and share messages, then once your horse is taken care of, he or she will start sharing guidance with you about what’s going on in your life, where you are stuck, and how to move forward. Bring paper and pen to take notes.

This is not an ordinary healing or psychic reading. I don’t do general readings – I solve problems. That means, your horse, you, or both of you has a problem (s) for which you are seeking help, clarity, guidance, healing – solutions. 

Please Note: Due to the deep and transformational nature of my work, if you partake in smoking, drinking, or the use of illegal drugs (including marijuana) on a regular basis, I can not accept you as a client at this time. Please get sober first, and then feel free to schedule a session. The same thing goes for if you are dealing with intense/extreme/persistent psychological issues and/or are under the care of a psychiatrist and have been diagnosed with a mental illness and are taking pharmaceuticals. This is not a substitution for therapy. If I have to stop a session due to your noncompliance with the foregoing, you will not be refunded. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone if in my opinion they would not benefit from my services. In this case, it is recommended you start with one of my books (or all of them) to help you clear some unhealed mental, emotional, and childhood wounds on your own first. You can view and buy my books here.

Sessions are magical and sacred.

No phone or other interruptions please.

Make sure you read and follow the “after care” session notes found below on this page so you give your horse the proper support after the session.

Once You've Made Payment:

You will be brought to a page where you can download and fill out your Intake Form. Once I receive that back, we'll set a date for your session.

Preparing For Your Session:

Bring a notepad and a pen to take notes. Channeled messages come fast and furious, so you want to be ready! Bring water too. This is to help clear toxins and assist you in processing the healing energy that comes through. Because sessions are healing, make sure you and your horse rest or spend some time in silence before the session in order to center yourselves and get ready for the healing and messages.

For In Person Sessions - We do these sessions outside. There is no riding. All you need is your horse on a halter. Horses must be clean and having bathed no more than 3 days before a session. They also must be free from bug sprays, and any other sprays, lotions, etc. Please refrain from wearing scented body lotions, perfume, etc. I am very sensitive to fragrances (it's a psychic thing) and if you are wearing any scents, I may not be able to get close to you or even be able to do your session.


If it's extreme weather, such as a torrential downfall, a blizzard, lightening, thunder, etc we will do your session inside the barn or arena, otherwise it's great if we're outside. Being outside is part of the fun! So bundle up, strip down, wear a poncho, or snow suit, and come ready for an adventure. Everything that happens during your session relates to the message your horse has for you. (I will interpret these messages and share them with you!)


Cancellation Policy:

Sessions are non-refundable.


After Your Session - Horse Care:

After the session, it’s suggested that your horse is given the ability to rest inside or graze outside for the remainder of the day (or for a few days), as s/he may be tired after the healing and it’s important that s/he be given the opportunity to recuperate and integrate the new energy. Do not work or ride your horse after the session. If you do and your horse gets hurt, I am not responsible. This goes for phone sessions as well. Also, because the session is healing, your horse may be thirsty or hungry afterwards. Water helps clear blocks, stagnant energy and process one's emotions, and calories are burned during the session, so make sure water and food is easily accessible.


After Your Session - Human Care, if you received healing/messages too:

Your horse may have had a lot of messages and healing to share with you during the session. Because of this, after your session, take it easy and drink a lot of water to clear the toxins that were released. It's suggested that you stay away from socializing and loud music for the rest of the day. Rest, draw, sing. Your body may need to release, so if it has to, let yourself cry. Stay away from drugs, alcohol, tobacco/marijuana or pharmaceuticals (if you can do without). It's best that you look at the time after your session as a special time just for yourself. Bask in the energy that you just received and process all that was shared. Journal. Listen to soothing music. Sit in silence. Look at candles burning. Think. Be. Go to sleep early that night and for the next few days you may need more hours of sleep. This is all normal.

Be easy on yourself for the next few days, things are shifting within you. Receiving energy is like a workout - you may be tired afterwards and should feed yourself right, hydrate, and get a good night's sleep. Take a walk in nature. Sit by a lake. Listen to your body and follow your internal guidance. Enjoy this special time being with yourself and thinking about your life, what you are releasing, what you are stepping into and what you want to create. Know that through this process your soul is awakening.

Follow Up Sessions:

As with any other service, your dog (or you) may need more than one session to clear up an issue. The healing that Blaire does is incredible, but  follow ups may be needed to sort things out and establish new behaviors for you and him/her.

Out of the Area? I Travel To You:

I'm available to travel to you wherever you are located.

There is a cost minimum and travel cost and accommodations are additional.

You may want to gather a bunch of friends so I can do multiple healings while I am there.

Discount given if you have several horses or animals you'd like me to do healings on.

All deposits are non-refundable. Once you pay, your event date will be reserved and you'll be sent an event agreement.

Upgrading Your Life and Becoming a Better Version of You - You, 2.0:

During your session, together we will have started the transformation process of upgrading your life. If you'd like to truly go to your next level, ongoing healing, guidance and support will be needed. People have great realizations and awakenings during their initial session but if they don't have proper support in transforming their lives, as time goes by, they fall back into old ways of thinking and being. When you work with me on a weekly basis, I'm able to support you in upgrading your life and becoming a better version of you.

About The Love Guru Blaire – Horse Whisperer, Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Psychic Medium, Dating & Relationship Expert, Marriage and Family Therapist

My gift to heal horses (and heal with horses) came alive in September 2018 when I was invited to a stable to do horse healings and readings.

For years, I had been working as a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Psychic Medium, and Relationship Expert for high-powered executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities teaching helping them heal their love life and relationship issues.

When the opportunity came, although it was something new, it was still related to the work I’d been doing for years so I sad YES! (plus I was REALLY excited too!)

That week the results achieved in sessions for the horses and humans were incredible, magical and super powerful! Hearts were being opened, blocks were being cleared, and it was all happening so fast.

Working with horses had magnified my psychic and healing gifts and my abilities had gone to another level!

Areas in people’s lives where they were struggling for years were immediately removed. People were crying during sessions and having incredible releases. Then by the end of sessions, they were smiling, happy, and feeling fresh and new. The transformations were mind-blowing!

I was instantly in love with working as horses as my co-healers.

Plus doing healing work in nature was a dream come true. Since that day, a portal has opened for me, and now horses frequently come to me in visions and dreams, both in my waking and sleeping hours,  where they ask for healing and share messages. I love them and I love doing this work!

What People are Saying:

Blaire’s Horse Healings are AWESOME!!

She is truly a gifted individual. Old traumas cleared, heart chakras opened, a few tears, a lot of laughs!
– Rachel, Horse Trainer

Things that were blocked for ages were now unblocked.

I was very skeptical about a psychic and energy healing, especially made remotely. I purchased Blaire’s Spiritual Healing Session and thought I’d give it a try but during the healing, I didn’t feel anything (which I later found out is normal for many people), so I had the bad feeling that I spent my precious money for nothing. But after two days, I started to feel really deep changes in my mood and behavior. First I started to feel very tired and in a lack of energy, but soon I could unblock things that were blocked for ages. Before the session, I tended to control myself too much and was caring too much of people’s opinion of me. I was in reaction to my environment. This past week, I slowly feel a big change. I feel more confident, I control myself less, and the best of all – I almost don’t care of others people opinion anymore. I’m ME, I accept myself, and I don’t care of what people think of me. I will much more comfortable to have a random conversation with someone, or to just sit in a café surrounded by people… Blaire knows what she is doing and is trustable.
– Alexis, Paris

Blaire’s Horse Healings are Incredible!

Within a few minutes, Blaire’s able to pinpoint exactly what the issue is then spent the rest of the session unpacking it for her clients.
– Dawn, Rhode Island

Being in contact with Blaire is nothing on the surface…

It’s for those who are up for something very profound and deep. She has the ability to guide people to a fundamentally new spiritual way as she has a very powerful energy field and a tremendous impact on people…
– Janina, Austria

You weren’t kidding about having tissue and water handy. I definitely needed it.

After we hung up, I felt suddenly overwhelmed with emotion and could do nothing but sit there and release it. It was an extremely difficult night, as there was so much being released I couldn’t really believe it. I am still feeling very tender and in the midst of more release, but I am truly grateful for this experience. I have been praying for healing and then you the Universe saw fit to bring this energy clearing experience to me. So I thank you wholeheartedly.
– Milica, NYC

Horse Healings & Dog Readings for Self Development, Healing & Growth

Develop a better relationship with your horse, your dog, your cat, with others, yourself, and life.

Helping you reach higher levels of happiness, love, peace and success with the help of your horse (or dog or cat)!


Healing your horse's or dog's issues while at the same time healing yours too!

Locally serving Bucks County, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Sussex County, Warren County, Bergen County, Passaic County, Essex County, Hudson County, Somerset County, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Horse Whisper Blaire also heals horses and does equine communication in The Hamptons, East End of Long Island, Southampton, East Hampton, Suffolk County New York. She travels to do Horse Healing and Horse Communication Classes and horse clinics at barns in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio,Austin, Texas, Seattle, Olympia, Washington, Wellington, Palm City, The Oaks of Lake City, Ocala, Marion County, Dade County, Palm Beach County, Martin County, Florida, Nashville, Oak Hill, Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Hawaii, Alaska, Northern California, Napa, Marin County, Sonoma County, Malibu, Woodside, Del Mar California.

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