Heal Yourself with The Help of Your Horse and Dog


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Learn how to work with your horse, dog, or other animal to go deeper into learning more about you.

  • Listen to the audio with a pen and paper handy. Take lots of notes.
  • Have some tissues and a glass of water (to clear toxins and stuck emotions) near you. Take some sips of water throughout your time listening to the audios and drink lots of water after you listen to each audio. All my teachings contain healings too, so this will help you process what comes through.

Healing Yourself with the Help of Your Horse or Dog.

44 minute audio

Our pets mirror what we’re currently going through. This audio will help you learn what messages your horse, dog, cat, donkey, pig, or other animal has for you. Animals are amazing beings and they are here to help you evolve your Soul and become a better version of you, if you will let them. 

In this audio I guide you through 6 steps to follow to get messages from your horse, dog, cat, donkey, pig, etc so that you can clear out any blocks or issues you may be experiencing and more so learn more about you. This is similar to the work I do with my private clients that I am now making available to you.

Once you purchase, you’ll get an email with the downloadable link to get the product. If you have an issue, reach out. All sales are final.

This audio teaches you animal communication, how to heal horses, dogs, etc, how to heal your mental and emotional wounds, how to grow your Soul.

Mourning the Death of a Relationship – Horse or Dog (Part 1)

Dealing with Grief, The Blessings and Pitfalls, and How To Move Forward (Part 2)

2 audios (a little over 2 hours total)

Learn how to let go of relationships in a healthy way.

    • Have you recently lost your dog, horse, etc to death?
    • Do you feel sad or devastated by your loss?
    • Not sure what to do with yourself now with your horse or dog no longer around?
    • Seeking comfort?
    • Want to learn a healthy way of handling things?

If you said yes to any of these questions above, this audio will help you. Listen to it with some water, tissues, and pen and paper in hand. Take notes. Different steps of the healing process are shared and like always, the audio is 100% channeled and goes over specific things that Spirit (and your loved one) wants you to hear.

Please note: The first audio may sound a little bit funky. I had a professional audio engineer do some tinkering with it to fix the recording issue, but you may still notice it’s slightly off. Of course I was given the option to re-record, but since the teachings that came through are magical, channeled, and one of a kind, I decided it was best to release it as is. You probably won’t even notice, but I just wanted to share this with you.

The second audio is recorded four months after my beloved dog crossed over. I share the guidance, teachings and how to move forward that my guides have been sharing with me and what I have learned that will help you. Having a loved one cross over is a very significant moment in your life. Although it’s painful, it’s also a very magical and sacred time. Learn what I’m talking about by getting these audios.

Once you purchase, you’ll get an email with the downloadable link to get the product. If you have an issue, reach out. All sales are final.

This audio teaches you how to let go, how to flow with life, how to release control, how to live a life filled with grace and ease, how to have healthy relationships, how to release sadness, and heal abandonment issues.