Spending Time with Your Horse


Spending Time with Your Horse.

by The Love Guru Blaire, NJ, NY, PA Horse Whisperer

When was the last time you just sat with your horse?

I’m not talking about riding him or her. I’m talking about just sitting with your horse.

When was the last time you just hung out with him or her?

I’m a Horse (and Human) Healer, as well as Animal Communicator who helps you heal your horses issues (mental, emotional, behavioral), while at the same time healing your issues too.

Many horses during sessions, tell me that they want their human to spend more time with them.

Bot working, just being.

How present you are with your horse reflects on what’s going on in your own personal life and how you are in your love life and relationships.

It shows how comfortable you are (or are not) with intimacy.

Do you rush around in your personal life – going from one planned activity to the next?

Are you over-scheduled and always a bit hurried?

Do you have a lot of thoughts always running through your mind?

Lots of things you want to accomplish?

Is sharing your thoughts and feelings hard for you?

Do you have emotionally intimate relationships with your boyfriend, husband, kids, and/or others?

Are you always trying to achieve more and more?

Are you able to stop, slow down, and smell the roses?

Do you think you always have to be “doing” something? (Or otherwise you feel anxious or weird?)

These are the types of issues we explore during private sessions and workshops.

If you’d like to develop a better relationship with your horse, with others, and with yourself, schedule a session or a horse workshop for you and your friends.

I help you heal negative thoughts, unhealthy relationship patterns, sabotaging behaviors, childhood wounds, trauma, sadness, loneliness, frustration, anxiety, anger, resentment, and fear, and get you un-stuck in any area of your life you feel blocked.

Sessions are power packed.

A therapy session on steroids.

Horse Healings & Dog Readings for Self Development, Healing & Growth

Develop a better relationship with your horse, your dog, your cat, with others, yourself, and life.

Helping you reach higher levels of happiness, love, peace and success with the help of your horse (or dog or cat)!


Healing your horse's or dog's issues while at the same time healing yours too!

Locally serving Bucks County, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Sussex County, Warren County, Bergen County, Passaic County, Essex County, Hudson County, Somerset County, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Horse Whisper Blaire also heals horses and does equine communication in The Hamptons, East End of Long Island, Southampton, East Hampton, Suffolk County New York. She travels to do Horse Healing and Horse Communication Classes and horse clinics at barns in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio,Austin, Texas, Seattle, Olympia, Washington, Wellington, Palm City, The Oaks of Lake City, Ocala, Marion County, Dade County, Palm Beach County, Martin County, Florida, Nashville, Oak Hill, Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Hawaii, Alaska, Northern California, Napa, Marin County, Sonoma County, Malibu, Woodside, Del Mar California.

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