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With these Books and Instant Audio Downloads,

you’ll learn how to create a better relationship with yourself,

with others and with life.

You’ll also learn how to easily make your dreams come true too.

Do You Know My Husband?


Do You Know My Husband? is two books in one: an entertaining biography that reads like a diary-style, romantic comedy, and a self-help, dating guide for those looking for love in the digital age.

When Blaire Allison put up a website for friends and family to help her find a husband, she never thought it would go viral. With a countdown clock to find a husband within six months, a blog, press interviews, and people all over the world emailing to help in her quest, Blaire publicly searched for The One. Would she find what she was looking for?

Readers who join Blaire on her unexpected journey will find themselves on a journey of their own. A journey to heal, grow, and learn. To become more loving, self-actualized, and find one’s true self along the way.

This book is great for both women and men because it shares spiritual principles that are applicable to everyone.

17 Ways To Raise Your Vibration (and Why Each One Works!)

1 Hour Audio + Get Started Guide | $33

In order for you to attract The One and/or create and maintain a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and another, it’s key that you have a high vibration. This ensures that you’re happy and attracting good things into your life – all of the time.

Do you ever notice how when you’re in a good mood, you attract good things (and quite easily too!)? That good mood is a magnet, and ends up drawing to you more and more things that make you smile. The exercises in this guide keep you on a natural high, ensuing you attract good things everywhere you go, every day of your life.

Go From Working Hard To Easily Attract “The One”

1 Hour Audio + Get Started Guide | $111

Listen. If looking for dates online has been working for you… then, great. Keep doing it. If dating apps have been working for you… then, great. Keep doing it. If you enjoy looking for dates in bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants, or at singles events… then, great. Keep doing it.

BUT, if those things have NOT been working for you. If they’ve been frustrating… annoying… and a total waste of time… Then, this is for you.

Why You Should Almost Always Stay with a Partner (Even Though You May Be Miserable)

1 Hour Audio + Get Started Guide | $111

Traditional relationship advice is that if you’re unhappy – to move on.  That it’s best (and probably easiest) if you find a new partner — one who can treat you right and satisfy your needs.  After all, what’s the alternative?  To stay and be miserable?  Life is too short.

In this guide, you’ll learn how that advice is actually quite bad. You’ll understand why moving on quickly is self defeating, a recipe for more years or heartache – and what to do instead.

How To Ask For What You Want, Wonder About, or Need In A Relationship

1 Hour Audio + Get Started Guide | $150

Do you worry about bringing up certain questions or topics to the guy you’re seeing because you’re afraid it may be too soon in your relationship and don’t want to come across as needy? Stop wondering where your relationship is going and start KNOWING!

With this action guide, you’ll learn 5 Key Steps on how to take back your power, get rid of your anxiety, and get what you want from a relationship! 

12 Secrets To Attracting “The One” + 11 Fatal Mistakes Most Singles Make

2 Audios + Get Started Guide | $99

These 2 audios and get started PDF guides (include practical exercises so you can start seeing results!) are a great introduction to my teachings and a wonderful way for you to learn a new way dating and attracting love.

You’ll learn what mindset shifts you’re going to have to make if you want to attract “The One,” rather than settling for a guy who is just so-so. You’ll also become aware of things that you’re doing that are sabotaging your success. When you’re ready to go deeper, enroll in the The Spiritual Way To Attract The One® Home Study

When you purchase, you’ll get instant access (check your email). No refunds.

Find a Date in 5 Minutes or Less (With Someone You Actually Connect With) + Uncover the Two Levels of Small Talk + Flirting 101: Getting Guys

3 Audios + 2 Page PDF Guide | $150

3 powerful audios (approx. 90 minutes total) along with support guide. Learn how to cut through the b.s. of small talk and flirting and get right to the heart of what you are looking for in a partner. These audios will support you when you only have a few minutes (or only want to spend a few minutes) when meeting someone at a coffee shop, the supermarket, a bar, a charity event or a speed dating event.

Most singles spend an hour or more wasting their time talking to someone when they first meet them about things that don’t matter. They give their number, agree to a date, and then waste days, weeks, months or even years interacting (or hung up) with someone when they’re not right for you!

These audios will help you decide in a fast manner whether someone is right from you — within the first meeting! You’ll be able to zero in on exactly what they have to offer you and if they are a good match for you or not. Save yourself time, energy and heartbreak! When you’re ready to go deeper and get the step by step process, enroll in The Spiritual Way To Attract The One® Home Study Program.

When you purchase, you’ll get instant access (check your email). No refunds.

Embracing a Breakup

2 Audios + Get Started Guide | $250

We’ve all been left with a broken heart, picking up the pieces after a failed relationship, wondering where you went wrong and if you could’ve done something different or better.

Are you ready to stop hurting and start healing? Learn how to transform the pain of your breakup.

“Embracing A Breakup” is filled with tons of techniques and exercises to get you through the pain and loneliness! Instead of being devastated by your loss, you can use this breakup as a stepping stone to get you closer to your dreams!

Heal The Root Of Your Illness or Disease

1 Hour Audio + Get Started Guide | $80

Your body is not fighting you. It’s not against you, and Spirit is not punishing you. Your illness, disease or even an itty bitty cold is a giving you a gift. It’s here to teach you something – many things – and it’s here to open you up to more love, more power, and a greater version of you.

In this introductory workshop, you’ll learn how to heal emotionally, energetically and spiritually. You’ll learn how to heal from the root.

Recognizing and Stopping The Pattern of Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse

90 Minute Video | $120

You see, everyone has experienced something. Whether it’s emotional abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse. Rejection, abandonment, etc.

And if you don’t recognize this pattern within yourself and heal it, you will continue to repeat it – just like it was repeated onto you. It’s just the way wounds go. Passed down from one generation to the next.

This video training is pure passion. I take you through a real life example of how this plays out and how the person who’s experienced emotional and narcissistic abuse is totally unaware of how they are repeating the pattern again. Use this video example and teaching for your own awareness so you can stop the cycle as well.

Once you purchase you’ll get immediate access to the video. No refunds.

Getting Out of The Friend Zone 

2 Audios + Get Started Guide | $150

This audio will guide you on getting out of the dreaded friend zone without embarrassing yourself.

Learn how to turn a girl friend into a girlfriend. There’s no need for a grand gesture, when getting out of the friend zone is much easier. I’m also including in this purchase, an audio about how to pick up girls in a non-player way.

There’s no need to stress about this. I’ll show you an easier way.

Self Confidence: Giving It A Boost So You Get A Better Guy and A Better Relationship

Audio + Ebook | $199

Do you stay with a guy who’s not so great because you don’t want to be alone or think you might not find a better relationship?

Your level of confidence effects what type of guy you attract, how you let people treat you, and the types of relationships you get into. Low self esteem also negatively effects how much money you make (or don’t make), what kind of job you get, what kinds of friends you have, where you live… and basically, the whole trajectory of your life!

This 2 hour audio and 24-page ebook takes you through 4 Healing Exercises and 14 Confidence Boosters that will help you boost your self esteem and help you develop a better relationship with yourself. These exercises are meant to be thought about, journaled about, and done over the span of weeks (rather than all at once). No refunds.

Horse Healings & Dog Readings for Self Development, Healing & Growth

Develop a better relationship with your horse, your dog, your cat, with others, yourself, and life.

Helping you reach higher levels of happiness, love, peace and success with the help of your horse (or dog or cat)!


Healing your horse's or dog's issues while at the same time healing yours too!

Locally serving Bucks County, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Sussex County, Warren County, Bergen County, Passaic County, Essex County, Hudson County, Somerset County, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Horse Whisper Blaire also heals horses and does equine communication in The Hamptons, East End of Long Island, Southampton, East Hampton, Suffolk County New York. She travels to do Horse Healing and Horse Communication Classes and horse clinics at barns in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio,Austin, Texas, Seattle, Olympia, Washington, Wellington, Palm City, The Oaks of Lake City, Ocala, Marion County, Dade County, Palm Beach County, Martin County, Florida, Nashville, Oak Hill, Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Hawaii, Alaska, Northern California, Napa, Marin County, Sonoma County, Malibu, Woodside, Del Mar California.

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