About My Heart Healing Work


I’m The Creator & Founder of a Unique Healing Modality called “Heart Healing”

Heart Healing is a form of emotional healing that opens and heals your heart, so you can attract the love, have the relationship, and the life you desire.

I’m able to clear and heal anxiety, anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration, resentment and fear from your energy field.

When these emotions (and past traumatic experiences) get stuck in your energy field, they cause blocks in your life.

Sessions are a combination of spiritual principles, channeled guidance, heart healings, and practical exercises.

This is the Method I Use When Healing Horses and Dogs Too!

I’m Able to Help You Heal The Root of Your Relationship Issues, Fast!

Tired of struggling with your love life or relationship(s)?

 Have you tried EVERYTHING to fix your love life/relationship/life but things are still the same?!

 Want an easier, more natural way of doing things – the spiritual way – that brings clarity, wisdom and peace?

More About My Work:

I am able to see your highest path and align you with it. Anywhere you have strayed or gone the wrong way, you will be re-aligned. The journey getting there will be exciting, interesting and magical.

At times you will feel great. You will feel exhilarated by the awarenesses and shifts you experience. But there will also be times that you’ll feel like crap. You may be confused. Emotions will come to the surface and you won’t know what to do. This happens because the foundation of how you’ve built your life will be shaken up as you shift and transform. Because of this I say that my transformational healing work is not for everyone. It’s not for the faint of heart and it’s not for those looking for a surface level, band-aid fix.

My work shifts you from the core.

It’s for those who are dedicated, excited by and turned on by the idea of living an incredible, fantastic, maximized life.

Healing Work That’s Action Based and Results Oriented.

Being pro-active is the name of the game.

Sessions with me aren’t the experience you may have with other healers, where you sit back and they do things to you.

I am teaching you in sessions, as well as offering healing energy, so you shift, but you are invited and expected to be involved.

Heart healing is not a spectator sport.

You will be learning how to be pro-active in your life.

You will be learning how to be in power in your life.

You will be learning how to have mastery over your life.

This requires you to come to sessions prepared to ask questions, take notes, and do the exercises that Spirit guides you with.

Save 10+ Years of Therapy and Many Years of Having No Clue!

60% of my clients come to me after they’ve been in and out of therapy over a 5-10 year time span with little or no results.

People typically stay in therapy for many years.

Instead of getting solutions to their problems, they end up going back to see their therapist week after week — for many years!

Not only have they created a dependency on their therapist.

They continue to be stuck.

My work puts you into power.

It puts you into the driver’s seat and gets you moving forward fast.

I have no interest in making you dependent on me. In fact, my intention is quite the opposite.

I give you the teachings, the tools, the techniques and the mindset changes you need in order to be in control.

When you work with me, you’ll know exactly how to create the love, the relationships, and the life you desire.

Deep Rooted Issues Get Resolved Fast.

When you work with me, you speed up your results.

The reason for this is because Spirit and my psychic and healing gifts are involved!

Clients Have Healed Issues They’ve Been Struggling With 

for OVER 20 YEARS in Just 3 Months or Less!

All Areas of Your Life Will Improve!

Although most clients come to me for help with their love lives, they are amazed to see how the spiritual teachings, heart healings and channeled guidance I share easily and effortlessly improves their whole lives.

My work provides you with a total life upgrade.

Is your life already good?

Imagine it getting 10x’s better!

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What People are Saying: 

I know I have said this before but thank you again

for everything you have done and continue to do for me.
Your abilities are phenomenal!

6 months later she met the man of her dreams

When I started working with Blaire I was at a bad spot in my love life. I was a few months out of a dysfunctional relationship that lasted on and off for 3 years. I had never known true love, and I was searching and searching for it constantly–in all the wrong places.

In our sessions she pointed out some key things that helped me better myself and guide me in a better direction for pursuing not only the love life I desired, but the life I desired… So I took the advice I was given, just about 6 months later I began dating the man, literally, of my dreams. We were inseparable from the very beginning… I’m finally living the life I always wanted to.
– Marissa, New Jersey

The experience was a breath of fresh air

I have been reading from a handful of sources in the past months and Blaire has been the one in my opinion to offer what I have been seeking which is the honest truth, advice that works, lessons she teaches from her own life, and her intuitiveness, all while being personable.

My experience with meeting Blaire was far from the doubts I had.  The experience was a breath of fresh air. Lessons were interactive and personalized and helped clear the fog of doubt I had.

I am looking forward to my next session, so I can start to truly heal old wounds that still affect my love life as I have already spent hours and hundred of dollars in the past to talk about my painful experiences with only a temporary fix.

Being in contact with Blaire is nothing on the surface…

It’s for those who are up for something very profound and deep. She has the ability to guide people to a fundamentally new spiritual way as she has a very powerful energy field and a tremendous impact on people…
– Janina, Austria

Men everywhere are intrigued by her… dinner, flowers, paying her car bills!

I have practiced and lived the techniques you taught… I prefer this way of living and others have commented on how happy I have been. I have generated interest from men everywhere I go. It’s nice to talk with people and see them respond to the energy you’re giving off.

But I think I did get myself in a little trouble… I’ve taken my car for service to the same dealership for years. All the of sudden a service guy, distinguished (blue eyes, blond hair, tall, slender, attractive) has taken interest in me. In the course of the last week he has asked me to dinner, sent flowers to my house, and now is offering to pay half the bill for my car repairs.
– Tanya, New Jersey

Things that were blocked for ages were now unblocked.

I was very skeptical about a psychic and energy healing, especially made remotely. I purchased Blaire’s Spiritual Healing Session and thought I’d give it a try but during the healing, I didn’t feel anything (which I later found out is normal for many people), so I had the bad feeling that I spent my precious money for nothing.

But after two days, I started to feel really deep changes in my mood and behavior. First I started to feel very tired and in a lack of energy, but soon I could unblock things that were blocked for ages.

Before the session, I tended to control myself too much and was caring too much of people’s opinion of me. I was in reaction to my environment. This past week, I slowly feel a big change. I feel more confident, I control myself less, and the best of all – I almost don’t care of others people opinion anymore. I’m ME, I accept myself, and I don’t care of what people think of me.
– Alexis, Paris

She’s no longer worried about her marriage

When I first contacted Blaire I was very worried that my relationship with husband had changed. He was always upset with me for little things. There was always something that I did wrong.

I didn’t know what to do to stop him from being angry and whatever I said to him upset him. Although I would try, I could never resolve our conflicts. I didn’t like how we were and I didn’t understand the changes in him and our relationship.

Blaire has helped me understand what was happening in my relationship and how I could alter my behaviors towards my husband to create change. I now feel calmer and more at peace. I stopped focusing so much on him and started focusing on loving myself.

Blaire’s service is very good. She gives you something specific to focus on and change within yourself. This has brought change in my marriage. I no longer feel hurt or oppressed.
– Grace, Salt Lake City

Just 1 month later, she found The One! Now she’s married!

Before joining Blaire’s program, I was very anxious about dating and finding the One. I felt very lost and unsure about what the right things to do were and what I should or shouldn’t be doing. Now I feel much more confident, calm, and at ease. I KNOW I will find the One and I don’t have to settle for less than a perfect match for me. Each week’s exercises seemed to bring out a major realization about myself that added week to week to the transformation I have made into a much more confident happy person who is prepared for that amazing relationship!


I have found The One! Now I am going out on a limb a bit to say that …but it’s just so great I can’t help it. I have never found someone I am so well matched with We have so many things in common and are so in sync on everything it’s insane. We even have the same birthday! We want the same things in life (marriage, kids) and the chemistry is unbelievable.

As I’m writing this, it occurs to me that it sounds like an ad or something! But it’s all true!! So a big thank you, thank you, thank you to you, Blaire!!! Also, I had another incredible amazing date with him last night and we have lots of fun plans this weekend. We have so much fun together and feel so good around each other. It really is like you have said – it’s easy and it just flows!
– Karen, Florida

Horse Healings & Dog Readings for Self Development, Healing & Growth

Develop a better relationship with your horse, your dog, your cat, with others, yourself, and life.

Helping you reach higher levels of happiness, love, peace and success with the help of your horse (or dog or cat)!


Healing your horse's or dog's issues while at the same time healing yours too!

Locally serving Bucks County, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Sussex County, Warren County, Bergen County, Passaic County, Essex County, Hudson County, Somerset County, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Horse Whisper Blaire also heals horses and does equine communication in The Hamptons, East End of Long Island, Southampton, East Hampton, Suffolk County New York. She travels to do Horse Healing and Horse Communication Classes and horse clinics at barns in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio,Austin, Texas, Seattle, Olympia, Washington, Wellington, Palm City, The Oaks of Lake City, Ocala, Marion County, Dade County, Palm Beach County, Martin County, Florida, Nashville, Oak Hill, Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Hawaii, Alaska, Northern California, Napa, Marin County, Sonoma County, Malibu, Woodside, Del Mar California.

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