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Book a Private Dog Readings Event for You & Your Friends!

A great thing to do for your birthday, bachelorette, divorce party or anniversary!

A fun and unique alternative to going out to eat or out to drink.

Event Details:

This is a fun event where you gather a bunch of friends and all get to hear what messages they have for you!

Your dog has messages for you about his or her life… as well as yours.

And dogs are excellent manifestors, so your dog will help you manifest the life of your dreams.

You’ll develop a deeper connection with your dog.

You’ll fall more in love with him or her (yes, it’s possible!)

You’ll learn what you can do to make him or her happier.

Clear up emotional and behavioral issues!


You’ll become a better dog mom or dad.

These readings work best when either you or your dog has “problems” that you’d like to get help with.

If your life is perfect and everything is good with both you and your dog,

and you’re not looking to improve any area of your life, then not much will come through for you.

Booking Your Event:


Step 1:  Speak to Your Friends and Decide on a Date for Your Dog Reading Event.

If you’re hosting a party, this event works best with 6 people maximum getting readings/healings. Each reading takes approximately 30 minutes. You can all listen to one another’s readings or have the readings take place in a separate room. People usually have food and hang out in their living room and then in another room, I will meet with each guest and their dog individually to do their reading.

Step 2:  Pay the Deposit to Book Your Party Date.

Once you pay the the non-refundable deposit of $500 + sales tax, your date is reserved. You can now plan start planning your event and set your intentions for each individual dog reading. Remember, your dog’s help you manifest your dream life, so it’s best to start thinking about what area of your life you’d like guidance and help with.

Step 3:  Get Excited!

Bring a notepad and pen to your session to take notes. I will begin the session by going through each of your dog’s chakras and see if he or she wants any healing in any places. As I do this, I will deliver messages to you. Once your dog has received his/her healing and shared messages with you about what he/she desires for his/her life, the focus of the session will naturally turn over to you and your life. This is when your dog will start sharing messages with you about how you can get un-stuck in your love life or career, as well as steps on how to move forward manifesting the life of your dreams.

Step 4:  After Your Dog Reading

Make sure you drink lots of water, which will help you process the healing energy you’ve received, as well as the messages that came through. In the days that follow, go over your notes and reflect on what was shared with you. Make changes accordingly. You are learning how to become empowered (or more empowered) in your life. People who live their dreams don’t just wish and pray, they follow divine guidance on how to consciously create! This session will re-align you with your highest path in life.

$350 per person

$1,750 minimum

This is the rate for a party to take place in Northern NJ or New York City.
If you are out of town/state, contact me for pricing and availability.

Once you pay the non-refundable deposit of $500, your party date is reserved.

Out of State?

I able to travel to you!

Contact me for a price quote. Travel cost and accommodations are additional.

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Helping you reach higher levels of happiness, love, peace and success with the help of your horse (or dog or cat)!


Healing your horse's or dog's issues while at the same time healing yours too!

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